Yet another rant about Mobile phone data charges. Cc @ew4n

Why can’t I have a tariff that ensures I am on the cheapest data bundle?

Instead of penalizing me for not knowing how much data I am going to use use every month, just make it simple for me to “upgrade” to the next bundle price if I go over what I thought I would use.

TMobile for example, charge as follows:
( I am not picking in TMob, I am sure the rest of the carriers do the same sort of thing, I just happen to have their tariffs here on my mobile screen, oh and by the way, it is a desktop site, not a mobile one. Hence there is a lot of pinching and zooming to try to find out the prices, let alone pay for them)

If you are out of bundle you are charged £1 per Mb. bundles are £1 per day, £4 per week or £15 per month. I won’t consider the fair use policy here, that is for another post!

How about, if on the 5th day of use in a week, I were automatically upgraded to the weekly bundle, and the rest of the week is free! Then, after the 15th day of use in a calendar month I get the rest of the month for free, actually it is more like after 3 weeks and 3 days use…

Also, don’t make me go to a mobile site and pre-choose how much data I think i am going to use vente viagra sans ordonnance. Just do it for me. Send me a text message that says, “we have noticed you have been using data a lot, here you go, have the cheaper option”

You might need to set this up once, when the sim is new, but they make you jump through hoops anyway, one more hoop won’t be a killer hoop.

Why are business built on models engineered to piss-off users?  Why am I being penalized for using a service more than I thought I would? Surely I should be encouraged to use a service more than I thought I would as the more I use it, the more I will be accustomed to using it, and the more I will use it and so on…

See how it works…

But instead… I am being reminded at every step of the way way that i am paying for the service, that it is expensive, that I really should have paid more upfront on the chance that I might want to use it more, later. It is like buying insurance, no one likes buying insurance.

Even giffgaff, who have released very reasonable data bundles at £5 per 500mb don’t allow you to buy another bundle until the month’s end. You are charged at a much higher rate for the rest of the month. I am pissed off just reading that they do that. It makes me think they are just being greedy, or the carrier they are buying their data from is being greedy and they are simply passing that greed onto their customers.

Is it too much to ask that my carrier work with me to help me get the best out of their service? Every time I get a week or poor signal, the data throughput is appalling or a call gets dropped, I would like to think “at least they are trying,”  not, “they are trying to rip me off”

Well, to be honest, they are not trying, they are succeeding.

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2 thoughts on “Yet another rant about Mobile phone data charges. Cc @ew4n”

  1. I’d love this too, but I can guarantee you it’s not greed.

    The billing systems at telcos have been around for years – sometimes a few legacy systems have been pulled together into one or two monolithic ones.

    In order to change them, there’s lots of process – as with any large company, that takes time and lots of resources.

    I’m fairly sure most carriers would love to offer this, but it’d take them years to do, and cost a fortune in the process. And would what they end up with be *that* much better for the consumer?

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