When Twitter asks the difficult questions

The following article appeared in the LikeMinds magazine:

When Drew Ellis asked me to write an article for the LikeMinds magazine, I hesitated. As anyone who knows me will realise, I’m no writer. Whether it’s trying to work out how mobile technology can help journalists report or encouraging them to use social media to help them to build an audience around those reports, my aim is to make journalists look good. So, instead of writing an article, I thought I’d tell you a story. Continue reading When Twitter asks the difficult questions

Me and the man with the iPad | Reuters Photographers

I saw six people all firing their cameras at one bemused woman. I saw aid workers fawning over the head of the World Food Programme. I saw soldiers fanning out to protect us. And then I saw the man with the iPad. I stood and stared for some time, enjoying the deliciousness of what was one of the strangest things I had ever seen in my life.

I raised the camera.

via @MaloneBarry on blogs.reuters.com

An excellent piece.

Reuters info-graphic : How Osama bin Laden was killed

A US strike team of about 15 special forces operatives, dropped by helicopter to bin Laden’s hide-out near the Pakistani capital Islamabad under the cover of night and shot the al Qaeda leader to death on Sunday. This graphic shows step by step how the covert operation was carried out successfully.

how “covert” can the operation be if there is an info-graphic describing how it was done?