Me and the man with the iPad | Reuters Photographers

I saw six people all firing their cameras at one bemused woman. I saw aid workers fawning over the head of the World Food Programme. I saw soldiers fanning out to protect us. And then I saw the man with the iPad. I stood and stared for some time, enjoying the deliciousness of what was one of the strangest things I had ever seen in my life.

I raised the camera.

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An excellent piece.

Red Bull X-Fighters Freestyle Motocross Photos

Battersea Power Station August 2010

View the photos on Flickr – especially useful for those swanky people using ipads.

The inaugural Red Bull X-Fighters event held in Valencia in 2001 was the first example of an all-new and innovative event concept mixing the extreme sport of freestyle motocross with the region’s local bullfighting tradition.

These photos are from the 2010 championship at Battersea Power Station. Continue reading Red Bull X-Fighters Freestyle Motocross Photos

Trying out long exposure shots in NY

I try to keep a camera with me at all times and most of the time that means using the camera on my Nexus One, Blackberry 9700 or iPhone.

Recently I have been using a couple of wicked Android apps called “Vignette” & “Retro Camera” which has given the Nexus a new lease of live in terms of capturing images… Vignette has more effect parameters than you can shake a stick at, and Retro Camera has just 3 effects/cameras to choose from, but they are good. It is worth working your way through the options in both apps to ensure that you use the filters best suited to the picture you wish to take.

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A beautiful evening in Canary Wharf

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It ended up being a little bit of a race to get my Nexus One out of my pocket, without dropping my Hero, BB9700, wallet, Palm Pre or iPhone on the floor, (today was demo day) slide the on graphic, enter my 4 digit pin, find and start the Retro Camera app, compose and capture the image, hoping that the last 'camera type' setting was suitable, and compose and take the shot…

All before the dlr train pulled away from the station and the moment lost forever.

Then I had to choose the best way to share the image.