Sunrise, going North

I am on my way to Sheffield to talk to journalism students after a coincidental conversation with Christine Cawthorne (@crocstar) at the last news:rewired conference.

I’ll be taking them through some concepts in mobile journalism (yes, i know Christian, all journos should be mobile, and gone are the days when they simply sit next to a fax machine and wait for news to arrive on heat sensitive paper).

Hopefully we will also be able to put it all into practice this afternoon with some live interviews being broadcast on the net. Let’s see what the next generation of story-tellers can do, and apologies up front for all the test tweets and “I’m live on QIK” messages that will inevitably escape onto my stream today…

The bacon sarnie on the train was distinctly average, but there is nothing more annoying than the promise of wifi when actually it is just a length of wet string connected to a 14.4 baud modem. (yes I am that old)

But the sunrise East Midlands Trains arranged however, was a lovely touch. I think I prefer the “normal” photo as opposed to the stylised Plastic Bullet version, but hey, I also love the choice of having both.

Choice apparently maketh the man. or did I just make that up?

Above iPhone 4 (with and without Plastic Bullet) – below Nexus One (via Vignette) – don’t do that silly comparison stuff – they are just different photos.  As twitter says to me all the time, “enhance your calm”.


postbite – this post is a great example of why subs are needed! – 5 mistakes already and it has only been up 5 mins! – or is it just me being rubbish! – like I keep saying “I ain’t not no journo obvisuly” – Jeez.