oh come on Tower Hamlets, are you serious?

I wanted to feedback to Tower Hamlets (TH) about their website. (I cant find information regarding whether I can park a motorbike in a residents permit bay if I dont live there)…
So after filling in a form , which simply asks for my feedback, name, address and email, I am then asked to indicate my cultural or ethnic origin to “help us [Tower Hamlets] improve our service”

This information will help us to ensure that our services are accessible to all our customers and do not discriminate against anyone.
I am not sure I understand. If TH doesn’t know my origin to start with – and I am simply filling-in a form – surely they cannot discriminate against me because of my origin.

If they do guess my origin say, because my name sounded English (or not English for that matter) – does telling TH that I am indeed not English mean that they would deal with my issue quicker? Isn’t that still discrimination?

Why does that question even need to be asked? If I were asked that question upfront, would it be considered discriminatory? Is it discriminatory having been asked afterwards?

What is your complaint or suggestion, and please describe your ethnic origin” – that doesn’t sound right to me, but in effect that is what I am being asked…

Maybe this is just to determine if TH should translate the website into more languages, and I have misunderstood…

Anyway – I suppose being Greek lumps me in with “any other white background” – way to make someone feel special 😉

I do not believe Tower Hamlets would discriminate, hopefully this is simply a very poorly worded pair of forms.