Nokia running Android? More mobile confusion

I saw an intriguing tweet from my good friend and an extremely clued-up mobile fiend @EdenT

with a link to his excellent blog in which he ponders what could happen if Nokia were to start supporting Android as the operating system of choice on their devices…

I won’t repeat his arguements here – go read it – but my overwhelming reaction was yes we would all LOVE Nokia to at least ‘experiment’ with Android on their devices, but they are not going to any time soon.

Imagine my surprise when I then saw the “ShortList Expert” column in this week’s very good ShortList magazine.

Seems the Senior Category Controller at is recommending “Android phones for multi-tasking on the go”. Excellent. I couldn’t agree more, apart from the poor battery-life which may mean you are left searching for a socket.

First up in the list, the Nokia 5230v – V Festival Edition. Hmmm. Not so much an Android recommendation then.

Next up is the HTC Desire, the Samsung Wave, then the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.

Only two phones out of the four run Android. A misleading piece? Do Virgin know something we don’t? Or is the ShortList sub a little confused about mobile phone operating systems?

What would have happened if you were not as geeky (boring) as me and had heard about Android, their getting-better-all-the-time Android App store and the excellent integration of Google talk, mail, maps etc and wanted to buy one? Using this little “Expert” recommendation may lead you to purchase a phone that wasn’t quite what you had expected…

And we wonder why the public are confused. Again.

…seems to be a common theme on this blog



One thought on “Nokia running Android? More mobile confusion”

  1. iPhone now means “large touch screen”.
    BlackBerry now means “QWERTY Keyboard”.
    Android now means “large touch screen which isn’t an iPhone” :-)

    We’ve seen it with Lino, Kleenex and a host of other products.

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