And they wonder why mobile consumers are confused about pricing and complain about “bill-shock”

I was looking at the data tariffs each of the operators are charging (especially around roaming data) and this caught my eye..

Here are two screenshots taken from detailing the roaming charges customers pay to use phones for data or for a mobile broadband connection abroad. The two prices reflect Vodafone’s prices now and what we will pay when the new prices kick-in on June 15th. Continue reading And they wonder why mobile consumers are confused about pricing and complain about “bill-shock”

oh come on Tower Hamlets, are you serious?

I wanted to feedback to Tower Hamlets (TH) about their website. (I cant find information regarding whether I can park a motorbike in a residents permit bay if I dont live there)…
So after filling in a form , which simply asks for my feedback, name, address and email, I am then asked to indicate my cultural or ethnic origin to “help us [Tower Hamlets] improve our service”

This information will help us to ensure that our services are accessible to all our customers and do not discriminate against anyone.
I am not sure I understand. If TH doesn’t know my origin to start with – and I am simply filling-in a form – surely they cannot discriminate against me because of my origin.

If they do guess my origin say, because my name sounded English (or not English for that matter) – does telling TH that I am indeed not English mean that they would deal with my issue quicker? Isn’t that still discrimination?

Why does that question even need to be asked? If I were asked that question upfront, would it be considered discriminatory? Is it discriminatory having been asked afterwards?

What is your complaint or suggestion, and please describe your ethnic origin” – that doesn’t sound right to me, but in effect that is what I am being asked…

Maybe this is just to determine if TH should translate the website into more languages, and I have misunderstood…

Anyway – I suppose being Greek lumps me in with “any other white background” – way to make someone feel special 😉

I do not believe Tower Hamlets would discriminate, hopefully this is simply a very poorly worded pair of forms.