Apple granted patent where carriers bid for iPhone service

From Apple Insider I saw this little ditty…

Apple granted patent where carriers bid to provide service to iPhones – By Josh Ong
A patent recently granted to Apple could wrest power away from the wireless carriers by creating a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) system that would allow networks to bid against each other over wireless services provided to iPhone users.

It is an old application for a patent, being registered in 2006 Apple Insider says, but gives a great indication of where Apple knew they were headed even back then!


Imagine a day when there is a real-time, behind-the-scenes auction where the carrier you use for each call or internet session is decided by a number of factors; signal strength, price etc.

No longer tied to a single carrier, you are free to choose the best carrier for your needs at that particular time, either automatically or manually.

Don’t have signal at home? No problem, you could have access to any of the available carriers, much like international roaming. The only difference being the price of the call would be cheaper, not more expensive!

Paying for your phone calls and internet access (and anything you purchased using your new NFC enabled mobile phone) would all be handled by your iTunes account, giving Apple not only data about you and your purchases but probably a little slice of every transaction.

And that, as they say, is the rub.

Tablet-only, mobile-first: News orgs native to new platforms coming soon » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism

By Vadim LavrusikDec. 21  /  11 a.m.
December 21, 2010, 11:00 am

Here are 10 predictions from Vadim Lavrusik, community manager and social strategist at Mashable. Mashable, where these predictions first appeared, covers the heck out of the world of social media and have an honored place in our iPhone app.

In many ways, 2010 was finally the year of mobile for news media, and especially so if you consider the iPad a mobile device. Many news organizations like The Washington Post and CNN included heavy social media integrations into their apps, opening the devices beyond news consumption.

In 2011, the focus on mobile will continue to grow with the launch of mobile- and iPad-only news products, but the greater focus for news media in 2011 will be on re-imagining its approach to the open social web. The focus will shift from searchable news to social and share-able news, as social media referrals close the gap on search traffic for more news organizations. In the coming year, news media’s focus will be affected by the personalization of news consumption and social media’s influence on journalism.

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A short but very sweet email

I am just returning to the uk after a week abroad visiting San Francisco, Cupertino, San Hose and Toronto…
Yes, have a guess 😉
Anyway sitting in the airport catching up on email and I see this little beauty…
Dear Ilicco,
The long awaited Microsoft Kinect is in retail stores. As promised during the onstage demo at D8, you will be receiving one compliments of D and Microsoft.

Oh baby ! Get me home quick!!!

Anyone got an Xbox360 they want to lend/give me 🙂

And so it starts…

The battle to keep your roaming charges down…

Entry to the USA and the first SMS message you receive is…

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It’s £3 per meg !