Reuters info-graphic : How Osama bin Laden was killed

A US strike team of about 15 special forces operatives, dropped by helicopter to bin Laden’s hide-out near the Pakistani capital Islamabad under the cover of night and shot the al Qaeda leader to death on Sunday. This graphic shows step by step how the covert operation was carried out successfully.

how “covert” can the operation be if there is an info-graphic describing how it was done?

Dramatic Fashion Photography – My Modern Metropolis

some sage advice

Q: What are some tips you could give to aspiring fashion photographers?
A: I would suggest researching as much as possible. Feed your visual bank by seeing art, movies, books. Anything that inspires you. There are many many people who are trying to be fashion photographers, and you need anything you can get to improve your work and aesthetic to make it different and more appealing than the next person.
Also, when you start off, don’t be safe. Do tests of the weird ideas you have and get them out of your system. They may lead to better ideas and a style of your own. Everybody can do plain studio, so try and set yourself apart.
Finally, talk to as many people in the industry as you can and ask questions. I knocked on about 100 doors before I got the chance to meet Testino.