An excellent iPhone 4S Review by Shawn Blanc

The next steps for Siri section is extremely interesting especially when used with “group reminders” if they were to ever appear viagra en pharmacie vente.

Also he mentions iMessages are linked to your Apple ID. Does that mean the end of sharing your Apple ID with your missus? If that’s the case, that’s actually quite annoying. I know you can have separate iCloud accounts, but use the same Apple ID…


Facebook & Google Are Doing Identity Wrong; Saw this & thought of @documentally

Identity Is Prismatic

“The portrait of identity online is often painted in black and white,” Poole said. “Who you are online is who you are offline.” That rosy view of identity is complemented with a similarly oversimplified view of anonymity. People think of anonymity as dark and chaotic, Poole said.

But human identity doesn’t work like that online or offline. We present ourselves differently in different contexts, and that’s key to our creativity and self-expression. “It’s not ‘who you share with,’ it’s ‘who you share as,'” Poole told us. “Identity is prismatic.”

Saw this intriguing post while in the air. An interesting take on how the large purveyors of identity are looking at the problem far too simply.

4chan’s Chris Poole: Facebook & Google Are Doing It Wrong

Me and the man with the iPad | Reuters Photographers

I saw six people all firing their cameras at one bemused woman. I saw aid workers fawning over the head of the World Food Programme. I saw soldiers fanning out to protect us. And then I saw the man with the iPad. I stood and stared for some time, enjoying the deliciousness of what was one of the strangest things I had ever seen in my life.

I raised the camera.

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An excellent piece.

The Art of Flying – Trailer

Sit back and watch other people perform adrenaline fueled acrobatics with wicked camera shots, amazing landscapes and very slow-motion cuts of jumps, fireworks and the like.
<iframe src="//player ou se procurer du″ width=”660″ height=”371″ frameborder=”0″ title=”Brain Farm – The Art of Flight Trailer” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>
am looking forward to the Film coming out in September 2011 – The Art of Flying