An excellent iPhone 4S Review by Shawn Blanc

The next steps for Siri section is extremely interesting especially when used with “group reminders” if they were to ever appear viagra en pharmacie vente.

Also he mentions iMessages are linked to your Apple ID. Does that mean the end of sharing your Apple ID with your missus? If that’s the case, that’s actually quite annoying. I know you can have separate iCloud accounts, but use the same Apple ID…


2 thoughts on “An excellent iPhone 4S Review by Shawn Blanc”

  1. Nope, continue to use the same app id for purchases (shared with the family) – but for iCloud – use your own or create a new “me” account. Only thing that’s bugging me now is I’d have to log into each ‘me’ account to ‘find my iphone’ – or any of the devices in my family.

  2. Sadly, Siri is not that functioning in some country, and it even recognize American Accent than natural one. Tried using it if recognize some acronyms or words like CR (comfort room), it gave Costa Rica instead.

    Rob, ipad designer cases and app developer.

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